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Tickmill has a perfect rating because it has a safe trading environment, great trading condition...

New traders need to know the basics about Tickmill

New traders need to know the basics about Tickmill

Tickmill has a perfect rating because it has a safe trading environment, great trading conditions, different types of accounts, great customer service, and a lot of training materials.

Forex traders can trade major, minor, and exotic currencies. The spread for EUR/USD is 0.1 pips, and the execution time is 0.20 seconds. Here's more.

Stocks and indexes are available on Tickmill. The platform gives users access to 14 indices, low spreads, and up to 1:100 leverage, depending on how the company and customer are categorized.

Traders can look at trading hours and spreads on Tickmill's website. Individual stock trading is possible with MT5. There are no fees to buy more than 100 stocks. Shorting stocks at 1:20 leverage yields dividends.

Traders can trade gold and silver on Tickmill when there is inflation or a recession. Traders can trade precious metals using MT4 or MT5, with spreads trading at 0 pips.

All of the normal trading methods on the platform can be used to trade precious metals, and the leverage can go up to 1:500, depending on the company and customer classification.

Like forex, gold and silver trading is available 24 hours a day, five days a week. If you think the stock market will fall but don't want to short, you might want to look at the bond market.

When the economy is bad, bonds often do better. Tickmill lets traders bet with 0 pip spreads on whether bond prices will go up or down. The site allows trading in seven bonds, including German bonds, with leverage of up to 1:100.

Cryptocurrencies are a new type of asset that can be traded for less than other assets. There are eight cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin.

Trading 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with a 1:200 leverage, no swaps, and no commission fees. The news about each coin on Tickmill's crypto trading platform shows whether the market is bullish or bearish.

Accounts and platforms 

There are Classic, Pro, and VIP accounts. Different accounts had different minimum deposits and margins. Classic and Pro accounts both require a $100 deposit, but Classic spreads start at 1.6 pips and there is no commission.

On the Pro account, some pairs of currencies have a spread of 0 pips and a commission of $2 per side for every 100,000 exchanged.VIP accounts need a balance of $50,000. Spreads start at 0 pips and cost $1 per side for every 100,000 trades.

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The maximum leverage is 1:500, but it depends on the type of entity and client. The VIP account is for traders with a lot of experience who want to trade large amounts.

Beginner traders can use a demo account, and experts can use advanced tools and indicators to improve their technical analysis.

The options for traders are MetaTrader 4, 5, WebTrader, and MetaTrader for Mac. The software can be downloaded from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.

An Islamic account has all of the features of a Classic, Pro, or VIP account. People follow Sharia law. Swap-free accounts don't roll over or swap interest overnight.

There are fees if you leave more than three instrument positions open overnight (including weekends). USD, EUR, GBP are base currencies. Retailers must meet a margin call of 100% and a stop out of 30%.

Deposit & Withdrawals:

  • Tickmill Both putting money into and taking money out of a wallet are free.
  • Accounts can be funded with bank transfers, cards, Neteller, Skrill, UnionPay, and STICPAY.
  • $25 minimum withdrawal. It's in the base currency of your wallet and will be processed in a day.
  • No fees to get money out.
  • Tickmill doesn't charge any fees for bank transfers over $5,000 and up to $100.
  • Credit cards and Skrill let you pay right away.

Tools and Education:

Some new traders feel overwhelmed by the trading language and technical indicators. The free educational content on Tickmill makes traders less nervous.

There are free webinars in English, Spanish, Italian, and German that happen every week. Traders can watch the webinars that Tickmill holds on YouTube. 

In webinars, professional traders give their thoughts on the market and answer questions. You can learn about advanced indicators like Fibonacci or risk management by downloading free booklets or watching videos.

Several themes help traders and people who want to start a brokerage. Trading basics, psychology, strategies, tactics, indicators, platforms, and even crypto trading are all covered in video tutorials.

Social trading strategies on Tickmill are based on choosing the right signals group to set your entry, take-profits, and stop-losses.

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There are also articles on both technical and fundamental asset analysis. Tickmill sells things like Autochartist, which looks for patterns in charts and predicts how prices will move.

Copy trading can help traders who don't have time to look at charts or who are just starting out. With copy trading, you imitate a trader's trades and trade if they are profitable.


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